Cultural Encounters Reflections

1. What was one thing you learned from the simulations we played in class? How did this help you understand the essential questions better?
I learned that if the group works together as a team, there will be more land, more water and money. We didn't work really well together so at last we only had a little money, land, water, and crops left, and we own the King a lot of money. After the simulations I learned that, it is really hard to trade stuff with people when you don't speak or act the same way , and it will be hard to communicate with others too. You will feel really lonely and left out, especially when you are in a new place.

2. Reading was a part of Cultural Encounters. When you read the books you were asked to think about your reading. What did you learn about your reading while doing this?
I learned what the people in the olden days do and how they did it, and I learned more about what tanners do, and what they need to make animal fur into leather.

3. Did the journal entries help you to better understand your character? Why or why not? Explain in detail.
The journals helped me understand more about my character, because you can actually feel that you are in the olden times, and going on the bout. You have to think about what happened during the long bout trip to the new world, and all the stuff you use for your work, you have to meet new people that might need your stuff, like I met a tailor she needed leather to make her cloths, and I met a shoe maker, she needed my leather to make her shoes.

4. What was the best part of your presentation? How could it have been improved?
The best part is when you can really show the parents and classmates what you were and what you do. I should have spoke louder, and make more eye contact with the audience.

5. What was the biggest learning you gained from this unit? Explain with details.
I learned that it really had in the olden days, because now we can basically get what we want, and before the people had to do everything and make everything by themselves.

My Journey to the New World

I am both excited and worried as I stare at the dreaded ship that will take me away from home. I am excited about having a whole new life, and I am worried about the new land and the boat ride, maybe there will be big storms of waves, maybe I will get seasick, there might not be room to sleep. I will feel bored because there is nothing to do on the boat. The new world might be a great adventure for me. I will make fur into leather and trade with tailors and shoemakers. My fears will be that I can't communicate with other people, and don't know where to go. I am moving because I want a better life and more freedom. When I meet people that didn't think, act or think the same as I do, then I will quickly learn the language, so I will be able to communicate will other people, and trade different stuff with them. I will have to live near a stream because I need lots of water. I will bring my 50 US dollars and tannic acid, to make leather.

I am feeling homesick and very bored on the boat. There are people dieing and people getting sick. There is enough food for everyone, and there are enough supplies too, but it is very crowded and not enough place for people to sleep.There is nothing to do and everyone just walk around, eat and sleep. There were a few storms, and there were big huge waves. The boat was swaying from side to side, and a lot of people get sea sick, and some died from the storms.
We get squished when we sleep. I hope there will be enough food for everyone so we can survive the whole journey.

Finally we see land! Sometimes I could not find a place to sleep because there are lots of people talking and chatting the whole time. I was pretty happy on the ship because I met a Tailor. Her name is Penelope
Wade, she is very nice, and we talked every hour,day and night. As we reached the New World, I was not sure where I was going, and didn't know how to communicate with the Native Americans. We arrived in Autumn, and I am doing my job so I can trade with other people for different stuff that I need to survive.

I have a very small place to live, but I have enough food to eat. The food is a bit different than England's, but I am getting used to it. The challenges I had to face was not being able to communicate with other people, and it was hard to trade stuff with other people, but now I know a little bit of their language and it is much easier to trade with them now. Business is doing very well, I trade a lot with the Tailor and the Shoemaker, because they use leather to make shoes and cloths.

Business is getting better and better. I feel that I have made the right choice to come to the New World, because here I can have my own house and have my own business. The new problem is that it is hard to find fur, and that means that I can't make more and more leather. Fortunately, I still can get a little bit of animal fur, and the things I have is enough for me to survive.

I have to make leather and I have to trade everyday too. I don't really meet any Native Americans, because I work at home inside the house. I don't go outside often, so I don't really meet any people except the people I have to trade stuff with. Business is going great. I think that Eldorado is the perfect colony for ME.

A New Kind of Freedom

What convinced Johann to go to America?

Johann was convinced by Pastor Vogel. Pastor Vogel told Johann that if he goes each of the family members can get 50 acres of land, if you add the whole family up it will be 450 acres all together. Johann and his family has to leave, because if they don't leave they will be in a lot of danger. Another reason is that all religious groups are welcome to Pennsylvania. It will be the only place in the world that had a new freedom: freedom for all people to worship as they pleased.

How did he feel about the decision later?

When he and his family has only been in Pennsylvania less than five years it already felt like home to him. He feels wonderful because he has so much land, and has a lot of food to sell and eat, he has a great house built right over the stream.

Molly's Dream

What dream does Molly have?

Molly's dream was that she wanted to be like Mrs. Simmons. She wanted to run her own business, and be as skilled and intelligent like Mrs. Simmons. Molly does not wan't to live in rooms over her shop. She will live on the edge of the village, there will be a small house with a pond and ducks and geese.

What will she need to do to make her dream come true?

Molly will first have to finish her 7 years of being an indentured sevant, get her money from Mrs. Simmons, practice more stitching, and learn how to read, write and how to communicate with customers. After she can go and start her business, go rent a little house, until she has enough money to build her house and make her dream come true.


Many of them are poor, many were escaping from their own country. Even if you are just visiting for a short time custom agents will come and check you when you arrive. In China most of the peoples family lived there for thousands of years.

Essential Questions

1:Why do people move?

Some move because they are poor, they want to find a better place to live. Some people want freedom, maybe lots are slaves and want to get freed Some move because they want a better education, and go to a better school. Some people want to live a better life, live in better shelters and eat better food.

2:What do we do when other people don't think, act, or speak the same way we do?

Some people people will be afraid and not talk to them, and never bother to learn their language and culture. But others will act differently, some will go and learn their language so they can communicate. Others will either use hand motion to tell them something or exclude them.