Cultural Encounters Reflections

1. What was one thing you learned from the simulations we played in class? How did this help you understand the essential questions better?
I learned that if the group works together as a team, there will be more land, more water and money. We didn't work really well together so at last we only had a little money, land, water, and crops left, and we own the King a lot of money. After the simulations I learned that, it is really hard to trade stuff with people when you don't speak or act the same way , and it will be hard to communicate with others too. You will feel really lonely and left out, especially when you are in a new place.

2. Reading was a part of Cultural Encounters. When you read the books you were asked to think about your reading. What did you learn about your reading while doing this?
I learned what the people in the olden days do and how they did it, and I learned more about what tanners do, and what they need to make animal fur into leather.

3. Did the journal entries help you to better understand your character? Why or why not? Explain in detail.
The journals helped me understand more about my character, because you can actually feel that you are in the olden times, and going on the bout. You have to think about what happened during the long bout trip to the new world, and all the stuff you use for your work, you have to meet new people that might need your stuff, like I met a tailor she needed leather to make her cloths, and I met a shoe maker, she needed my leather to make her shoes.

4. What was the best part of your presentation? How could it have been improved?
The best part is when you can really show the parents and classmates what you were and what you do. I should have spoke louder, and make more eye contact with the audience.

5. What was the biggest learning you gained from this unit? Explain with details.
I learned that it really had in the olden days, because now we can basically get what we want, and before the people had to do everything and make everything by themselves.